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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@High purity magnesium chloride anhydride (MgCl2)
As a trading company specializing in chemicals, Maruyasu & Co., Ltd., has pursued the effective use of chemical system by-products. As part of this, we were the first company in Japan to create a product out of magnesium chloride anhydride. This was in 1950. At first, the main use for it was as a snow melting agent for Europe. From the late 1960s, the use of it in large amounts began, as a flux agent for aluminum alloys and magnesium, and it became an essential agent for recycled aluminum in particular. After this, our company established technologies for the refining of magnesium chloride anhydride and its formation into fine particles and developed a high purity magnesium chloride anhydride product. With this product, applications have been developed that include use as polyolefin-based resin polymerization catalyst supports, chemical synthesis catalysts and auxiliary raw materials. Applications have also been developed to make use of its high rate of moisture absorption, such as in desiccant and exothermic agent applications.Maruyasu & Co., Ltd. is still working at the development of new applications to make use of the special characteristics of magnesium chloride anhydride.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@1. Features
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@2. Representative product values
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ 3. Forms
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@4. Applications

Inquiries about magnesium chloride anhydride

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1. The features of magnesium chloride anhydride
Magnesium chloride generally refers to hexahydrate (MgCl2, 6H20), which has a water content of about 50%. Conversely, magnesium chloride anhydride (MgCl2), as the name suggests, is approximately 100% magnesium chloride, with no water content. The strongest feature of magnesium chloride anhydride is that the solid powder (crystal) of it does not hold any moisture.
1) When using magnesium chloride, magnesium chloride anhydride is used exclusively if the application is one where the presence of water will be an obstruction, as in non-aqueous chemical reaction catalysts, auxiliary raw materials for chemical synthesis and polymerization catalyst support for polyolefin-based resin, etc. The same also applies to use as a flux agent contacting with high temperature molten metal.
2) Magnesium chloride anhydride has extremely good moisture absorption performance. It has excellent characteristics such as high moisture absorption ability and a high moisture absorption capacity per unit weight. It also generates a lot of dissolution heat when dissolved in water. Desiccant and exothermic agent applications making use of these features are well known.

3) The magnesium chloride anhydride is extremely pure and so it can also be used to obtain a high purity aqueous magnesium chloride solution with no effort required for refining.
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2. Representative product values
Item/Grade Grade for general use Grade for catalysts
MgCl2i“j ‚X‚W ‚X‚X
‚e‚…i‚‚‚j ‚T‚O ‚P‚O
‚ji‚‚‚j ‚R‚O‚O ‚T‚O
‚m‚i‚‚‚j ‚R‚O‚O ‚W‚O
‚b‚i‚‚‚j ‚P‚T‚O ‚R‚O
Moisture (%) ‚QD‚O ‚PD‚O
Water insoluble content (%) ‚QD‚O ‚OD‚T
Packaging Paper bags containing 20 kg
(Internal packaging:
Polyethylene bags)
Oil cans containing 15 kg
(Internal packaging:
Polyethylene bags)
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3. Forms
For general use Flakes or powder
For catalysts Powder
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4. Applications
‘@Auxiliary raw material for the synthesis of medical and fine chemicals (Cautions for handling)
  1. Avoid water and humidity.
  2. We recommend that you use up all the contents as quickly as possible after opening.

(Emergency procedures)j
  1. If the product gets on the skin, rinse it off with a large amount of water as quickly as possible.
  2. Even a small amount of the product can be dangerous in the eyes. If it gets in the eyes, immediately rinse sufficiently with water, avoid rubbing the eyes and quickly receive an examination by a doctor.
‘@Desiccant (Automobile components, precision electronic devices, etc.)
‘@Polymerization catalyst support for polyolefin-based resin
‘@Catalysts for chemical synthesis (Lewis acid catalysts)
‘@Exothermic agents
‘@Flux agent for the refinement of alloys of aluminum, magnesium, etc.
‘@Defroster (To defrost the window glass of automobiles, etc.)
‘@Raw materials for reagents
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